BMC Connect 2023 Keynote Videos and Presentations

Hear from BMC CEO Ayman Sayed on how to get a competitive edge by operationalizing innovation with BMC. Learn how you can delight customers and achieve greater efficiencies with AI- and data-driven solutions.

BMC CTO Ram Chakravarti shares how to get from today to tomorrow with AIOps in this short clip from BMC Connect New York.

Get from today to tomorrow with AIOps, ServiceOps, DevOps, DataOps, and AutonomousOps. Hear how BMC AI capabilities can move your business forward. 

BMC CTO Ram Chakravarti explains how to operationalize innovation while also reducing inherent risks. 

BMC Connect 2023 Session Videos and Presentations

See how BMC is using generative AI and large language model technology to improve service and operations management outcomes, enhance the self-service experience, and accelerate problem resolution.

Learn how Control-M and other innovations are helping companies use orchestration, a key principle in DataOps, to get data projects into production faster AND run them at scale to make better, faster business decisions with clear ROI. 

You rely on the mainframe to run your always-on, digital world, but are you getting the most value from its data? It's time to reimagine how you manage and protect your mainframe data. Explore all the ways that leveraging private, public, and hybrid clouds can modernize your core infrastructure, protect against cyber threats, unlock business intelligence and analytics, and support new cases for data reuse.

This session dives into strategies to enable growth and market-leading differentiation. Learn more about cutting-edge technologies, optimizing processes, ensuring developers have the modern tools they need, and enhancing observability to mitigate potential pitfalls with practical insights and real-world examples. 

BMC Connect 2023 Photo Recaps and Highlight Videos 

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