Join us to unleash the power and possibilities of AI. 

AI is more than just a technology trend; it’s a competitive obligation. This year’s BMC Connect will focus on the tangible outcomes that can be achieved with AI initiatives, enabling organizations to drive meaningful business outcomes, faster than humanly possible. Attendees will leave with the insights and strategies to go further—more efficiently and safely—with their AI initiatives, no matter their role or industry.  

We welcome your proposal for sessions around any Ops-focused topic (AIOps, DataOps, DevOps, ServiceOps, SecOps, AutonomousOps, etc.), whether centered on a particular business use case and your solution, product-specific use cases and outcomes, or novel AI-driven approaches to technology challenges. We also welcome content around power skills/soft skills, and CSR/ESG-focused content, especially related to how technology is driving compliance, efficiency, and better business outcomes. We look forward to your firsthand experience and perspective! 

  • Early submission deadline (submit early for priority consideration and agenda placement): Tuesday, May 28 

  • Final deadline: Tuesday, July 9

Why present at BMC Connect 2024?

BMC Connect is a great way to demonstrate your technology expertise, share your savvy with BMC products and solutions, strengthen your personal brand, get direct, actionable feedback on your presentation, and engage directly with the BMC community of customers, partners, and industry leaders. Via your success stories and best practices, you’ll contribute to the shared knowledge of up to 1500 or more onsite participants as well as countless others in post-event promotions.

What type of content are we looking for?

Please present your most compelling idea for a 30-minute session, whether presented solely by you or in partnership with someone else in your organization or at BMC. You may submit more than one proposal; each will be reviewed on its own merits. Think engagement—avoid dense slides and seek out ways to interact directly with your audience and leave them wanting more!

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What's the submission process?

Consider the guidance below for your title, abstract, and other submission fields.

  • Session Title (70-character limit, incl spaces): Make it clear what attendees will learn in your session. Consider starting with a verb/gerund and including the product or technology that the content focuses on.

          Example: Unlocking the Compliance Potential of GenAI with BMC HelixGPT  

          Example: Retaining Competitive Talent with BMC AMI DevX Innovation Capabilities 

          Example: Building your Brand—Defining Your Career with Personal Connections 

  • Session Abstract (325-character limit, incl spaces): Write a short paragraph that creatively describes what you will discuss. How will you interact with the audience—will you demo a technology, include polling, or drive discussion topics? Address the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) benefits for your audience. Note: while we obviously love AI, be wary of AI-generated abstracts as they may not sound authentic—this is your topic, so own it!
  • Additional Details (1000-character limit, incl spaces): Further explain your abstract, sharing any additional details about your personal experience with the topic and what you hope your audience will take away from the session. Include details around how you will structure your session, and if you’ve presented on the topic before, what you’ve learned and what feedback you received.
  • Primary topic/track alignment (fill in the blank): Please enter one word or term that could describe the focus of your presentation, e.g., “DataOps” or “service management” or “power skills.” 

  • Audience Information (pick list): Select the 1-2 personas or job roles that best apply to the expertise and interest level of your target audience. BMC Connect attracts a wide variety of technical and strategic roles, and we’d like to ensure a strong balance of content across our audience. 

If you plan to propose more than one topic, please submit one application for each topic. Please do not propose the same topic across separate tracks.

We will reply to all proposals no later than July 15. We look forward to reviewing your submission!

Example Title/Abstract: 

Ensuring Operational Excellence with Application Workflow Orchestration

AI-powered DataOps is propelling businesses towards unprecedented levels of efficiency and success. See how Control-M enables DataOps at ABCCorp, fostering team collaboration and self-service capabilities in hybrid cloud architectures while ensuring compliance with SLAs and speeding up service delivery. 

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Event Location 

All conference activities take place at the Fontainebleau Las Vegas, the Strip’s newest luxury hotel, where you can take advantage of discounted hotel rates for BMC Connect attendees.